[linux-dvb] CAM with Budget, Why no decryption?

irk irk at ieee.org
Wed Mar 30 06:36:46 CEST 2005

> > Well, it would depend on VLS then, since that is what controls the DVB 
> > card,
> > and AFAIK it does not support CAMs, but I can't confirm that right now 
> > as
> > viewcvs is apparently down for videolan. Maybe someone else can confirm 
> > though?
> VLS is discontinued and should not be used. VLC (which can also act as a
> server) has support for CAMs in post-0.8.1 svn snapshots. See :
>Don't kill the messenger :) I don't use videolan, and it's confusing to 
>have a
>video lan client beeing a server, but hey, I just looked at your developer
>section, where which vls is a nice menu item..

I am NOT using VLS or VLC on the server side. I have my own software based
on linuxdvb drivers which retrieves TS packets from the card and streams 
in IP multicast over LAN. I am using VLC * client only* as networked player. 
system works  very well with unencrypted TS packets.

As far as I understand, for encrypted streams I just need to initialise the 
CAM on
the card with the CVS driver. Streams are then flowing through the CAM, TS 
get decrypted and appear as unencrypted TS which I can retrieve from the 
card in
the same way as for unencrypted packets.  For the streaming software there 
is thus
no difference. However, currently TS packets are not decrytped so they are 
in encrypted format to the client.


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