[linux-dvb] MAC addresses of DVB devices

Andreas Oberritter obi at linuxtv.org
Thu Mar 31 19:05:13 CEST 2005

On Thu, 2005-03-31 at 17:45 +0200, Patrick Boettcher wrote:
> Some of the USBs device I'm working on have a MAC-address. Up to now, I 
> was ignoring it, but in order to complete the dvb-usb-lib I would like to 
> implement the necessary steps for MAC-addresses (beside of reading it).
> Now I'm wondering, what are the necessary steps? Just to printk it? Or do 
> I have to store it "somewhere else".

Just copy it to dvb_adapter->proposed_mac. It will then become the
default MAC address of a dvb_net device.


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