[linux-dvb] How to compile saa7134-dvb

Hermann Bier drobz at mail.ru
Mon May 9 19:58:16 CEST 2005


how do i compile a saa7134-dvb for my dvb-t(saa7134 chip), dvb-s, 
tv-radio card(its one build in medion 8386 pc). Enabling saa7134 in  
kernelconfig only compiles saa7134 but not saa7134-dvb. Does someone 
have expirience with it? I have heard it is broken( usin One 
more question for understanding. As i understing the things my card is a 
"budget" card- it dont have a mpeg2 decoder on it, right? so i dont need 
a frontend? The decoding is done by for e.x. xine? I^m pretty new to dvb 
in linux, so your feedback is very helpfull.

thx for advance.


hermann bier aka dr0bz

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