[linux-dvb] Fix for DTT-CI cards

Hans Gunnarsson hans.gunnarsson at home.se
Sat May 21 16:09:31 CEST 2005

Henrik Sjöberg wrote:
>Puh, after a week of debugging I have finally gotten things to work.
>The few changes is needed for the driver to get the DTT-CI cards working.
>* The DTT-CI card should have the flag NEWTUNE
>* The bandwidth byte should not be located on position 6 but rather position
>7 for DTT-CI cards
>* The signal strength byte should be read from byte 5 instead of 6 for
>DTT-CI cards (and DCT-CI cards from what I can see).
>I also believe that the decode_lock bit is read from the incorrect position
>for terrestrial and cable cards. I believe that it should be read from the
>same position as sattelite cards (state->rxbuffer[6] & 0x10)
>I could be wrong on this point but this is at least true for the DTT-CI
>I have attached a diff containing the changes I need to make in order to
>make the driver work for me. In addition to what is mentioned above, I
>corrected a typo of debug > 4 to verbose > 4 and removed redundant setting
>of bandwidth bytes for terrestrial cards.
>Hans, why don't you give it a try and see if it solves your problems as well
>since you were also having problems with your DTT-CI card.
>It would be great if it could also be tested on other terrestrial and cable
>cards to see if I am right about the decode_lock bit.

I have tried your patch with some success. I can create a channels.conf 
now, but when I zap to a channel and try to view it with kaffeine, 
mplayer or xine the output is garbled.
I get the correct names for the channels (SVT1, TV4 etc) but the output 
looks like it is scrambled.

Can this be signal strength issues? If so, where can I check the signal 
strength, and how good does it need to be?



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