[linux-dvb] actual cvs broken?

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Tue Nov 1 13:37:00 CET 2005

Philip Prindeville wrote:
> ...
> Without wishing to polemic...  am I the only person that wishes that
> DVB development wasn't tied to having a bleeding-edge kernel?
> Given that the kernel *is* modular, why shouldn't the latest
> module sources for DVB build against a 2.6.12 kernel?
> Is that not a reasonable expectation?
> Seems we'd have a broader base of testers to pool with...
> -Philip

This is what has kept me from switching to dvb-kernel for
quite a while. Whenever I had installed a new version of Linux
on my VDR, the latest, greatest DVB driver required an even
newer kernel :-(

I wonder when they will require a kernel from the future... -)


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