[linux-dvb] DVB-T for Dutch situation?> (KPN/Digitenne) (retry)

Ralph Metzler rjkm at metzlerbros.de
Tue Nov 1 23:41:22 CET 2005


Udo van den Heuvel writes:
 > I saw the info at
 > http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Supported_CAM_modules.
 > Does anyone here have a CAM (plus card) working for the Dutch DVB-T
 > situation with either KPN or Digitenne?
 > Can it be done?

I answered you before when you asked me privately but it seems your
provider xs4all.nl does not take mail from my IP and just returned it
to me ...

The KNC-ONE DVB-T cards are already mentioned on the link you quoted.
Since the DVB-T cards should have identical CI hardware to the
DVB-S/C cards, they might work. But did anybody ever use a CAM 
on the DVB-T version?

The only other DVB-T card with CI I know of would be the
full-featured Technotrend card. So, that might work too.
Some of their DVB-T budget cards also seem to have connections for CI like the
DVB-S CI models but in the ad pictures I never saw the connector pins actually
soldered on. Maybe somebody knows if they are also sold with connectors?


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