[Linux-dvb] about to buy a FusionHDTV5 Gold Plus card

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Wed Nov 2 17:51:32 CET 2005

Scott Ruckh wrote:
> I have not had much luck with the FusionHDTV Gold Plus card with the video
> 4 linux drivers.  Channels that can tune with the Windows drivers have not
> been able to tune using the atscscan utility provided by dvb-apps.  I have
> tried many different kernels with many different versions of the DVB code
> and the results have not changed.  I am in the US I am trying to tune QAM
> unencrypted channels.


The problem is NOT in the driver.  The problem is in the frequencies 
that you are scanning.  You *will* have the same problem, no matter what 
ATSC card you are using.

Don't be so quick to blame kernel code, as this is *clearly* a userspace 
error.  If you read the archives, this is covered extensively... not to 
mention all of the great reports of this card working in mythtv.

I had this same problem when I was first testing the lgdt3302 module, 
and believe me, it was very frustrating.  Thanks again to Mac Michaels, 
for providing the ATSC scan files that I have ended up using.  I have 
created a subset of frequencies specific to Time Warner Cable in NYC... 
This might work for you, although the larger scan file would be better 
to start with.

Please update to the most recent version of dvb-apps cvs, and then try 
using the various different scan files located in 

You might find that none of these work for you, in which case you will 
have to do some research to find the correct frequencies used by your 
digital cable provider.

If you need QAM64 frequencies, then this is another reason the QAM256 
scan files dont work.

When you sort this all out, please contribute a new scan file for your 
area so that we can include it in dvb-apps cvs, and make life easier for 
the "next guy"


Michael Krufky

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