[Linux-dvb] about to buy a FusionHDTV5 Gold Plus card

Scott Ruckh sruckh at gemneye.org
Wed Nov 2 18:31:41 CET 2005

hmmm...I do not remember blaming the drivers???

My statement was that I have not had much luck.

I don't remember implying what the success rate was of others who use this
card or the drivers, but rather only what my success rate was with this

Mike, I support your hard work on the drivers, your constant input into
the mailing list, and all of the value you add to this project, but I
challenge you to not be so quick on judging others.

I have read the archives, and I have tried every SCAN file (including
running the perl script to create channels.conf) and none have worked with
COX in the Phoenix area.  Again, "I" have not had much luck.  I have not
yet attempted to create my own scan file, but if I come up with a working
scan file I will definitely submit my findings.

I know it must be a pain to answer the same questions over and over again,
but please try and respect the opinions of others.

Again, I know I would be nowhere without your help, so I hate to complain.
 I thought this was an open forum and I was sharing my experiences.  My
problems could very will be user induced, but that has not changed my
experiences with trying to get the card to work with my cable provider.

Thanks for your input and support.

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