[linux-dvb] tda1004x update

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Thu Nov 3 00:53:47 CET 2005

Hi, Nico

> my lifeview duo finally tunes a frequency that previously couldn't be 
> received, although
> it's full of errors.

What a pity. I hoped the crystal issue fixed all your problems.

> Unfortunately the 2 VHF frequencies available here, that incidentally 
> seem to be the ones
> transmitting with the highest power and lowest error rate, can't be 
> tuned at all (nor they were
> previously).

By the way: Few weeks ago, I saw a sample of the PCI version you might have.
What i recognized is:
- It has FM radio as you stated (the cardbus hasn't).
- The version i saw has no shielding for the RF section. This makes it quite
   sensitive to noise in the PC. Did you ever try to place it in another slot
   and to shield it somehow?

> Did I ever tell you that your drivers work *much* better than the ones 
> for windows shipped
> with the card? :)
Well, that's the goal, isn't it? ;-)

> Using the card in windows is impossible, but in linux it's a totally 
> different story (although
> this card seems to be extremely weak).

The cardbus version i got let really isn't perfect, but at least it is
useable. What i hate most is the fan.

I learned some things when i rewrote the tda8290 module and i should go
through the dvb driver for the tda8274 again based on this. But there is
so much to do.

Serious question: Can anybody else help people to port the driver for the
reference designs to the cards they have? This would save me some time to do
other things.

Best regards

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