[linux-dvb] Help about dvbstream

toni martinez kinbonsin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 16:48:30 CET 2005

 I'm doing some tests with dvbstream and I have some problems:
 1. I use this line to send the input streaming via mcast to the network:
$dvbstream -c 1 -f 794000 -s 27500 -v 101 -a 103 -ps -i<>
  1.1. My video client is vlc, and it can't play the video correctly, it
seems have a lot of loss packets, but if I save the input video in a file
and later play it in xine, for example, I can saw the video perfectly.
  1.2. I dont' know what but dvbstream puts the video in RTP packets as
H.263 video! (I see it in ethereal, in the server-dvbstream and in the
client-vlc), why?
  2. And why vlc shows the video with bad quality?
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