[linux-dvb] Best way for multiple frontends on one dvb-adapter

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Thu Nov 3 19:08:03 CET 2005

Patrick Boettcher wrote:
> The device has 2 (independent) DVB-T frontends connected to one 
> USB-device-controller handling their (partial) MPEG2-TS data inputs. 
> Demuxing has to be done in software.
> For me as a newbie to multiple-input-cards it seems to be the "correct 
> way" to register 2 frontends and 2 demuxs for one dvb-adapter.
> This is how it currently looks like:
> $ ls /dev/dvb/adapter0/
> demux0  demux1  dvr0  dvr1  frontend0  frontend1  net0  net1
> What is "the correct way" to mount all *0 and all *1 logically together?

I guess "(partial)" TS means frontends with integrated PID filters?

If so, you have two independent signal paths (frontend, hw PID filter,
software demux), and it buys you nothing to model them as one
adapter. It guess it would be easier to have two adapters,
for the driver code as well as for applications.

If you have a STB chip you might have flexible signal routing,
e.g. you have 3 TS inputs (2 frontends, one HDD/DVD playback),
2 demux channels, 2 hw MPEG decoders etc.  For such a STB chip a
single adapter model is useful. But then the V3 API lacks the capability
to connect the devices like the V4 API does...


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