[linux-dvb] HOW TO: Building dvb-kernel (HEAD) for kernels < 2.6.14

Stephen Williams stephen.gw at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 12:56:23 CET 2005

The CVS tip (as of 3 Nov 05) does not compile cleanly for kernels
older than 2.6.14, this is already known and accepted.

However, I can't believe i'm the only person who uses an older kernel
but needs fixes that are only available in later revisions of the
drivers. For example, due to other driver restrictions i'm using a
2.6.8 kernel. The latest CVS revision that builds cleanly for 2.6.8
was from last December and contained bugs that stop my cards from

So, I have written a short script (attached) which updates your local
CVS image to HEAD (Warning - this will clear away any code changes you
may have made!) then reverts the (small number of) check-ins which
contained API changes incompatible with pre 2.6.9 kernels. Note, the
script ONLY makes the changes I have required (for the Nova-T and
CinergyT2 drivers and associated dvb-core, etc) but should be easily
extensible for anybody elses needs.

To get this to work you need to do the following:
1. Place the script in your dvb-kernel/linux directory.
2. Run the script (you don't say).
3. Go to the build-2.6 directory and 'make' as usual.

You will get compile errors for drivers I have not needed. You have
two choices here, if you need the driver then extend the script to
cover your required driver (not difficult), if you don't need the
driver then comment the relevant "obj-m += foo.o" lines from the
build-2.6/Makefile (this what I have done).

If you need the script to work for kernel versions between 2.6.8 and
2.6.14 then just comment out the 'fixes' for kernel versions older
than you require.

If you'd like to use the script but have problems following my
(possibly not very clear) instructions then feel free to email me. If
you've found this useful and have updated the script for other drivers
then please post your updates.

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