[linux-dvb] optimized PWM value to AFC 0 Hz -but higher BER than before !

Martin Dauskardt md001 at gmx.de
Sat Nov 5 15:50:23 CET 2005

I tested some PWM values for my Siemens DVB-C card. The old value was 0x12,
which gave me
ves1820: AFC (9) -60645Hz

I changend PWM to 0x0c and the result was
ves1820: AFC (0) 0Hz

But when I checked the BER, I found out that on higher frequencies the BER
value was higher than with the old PWM.

On 426 MHz I always had a BER of 550-650. With the "optimized" (?) PWM I now
have about 850. But why? And what should I do? What is better: a low BER or
a low AFC value ?

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