[linux-dvb] Help about dvbstream

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at email.it
Mon Nov 7 18:53:07 CET 2005

toni martinez wrote:

> Hello,
> I have more problems with dvbstream, one day I write in this forum 
> about the line to use, I used:
> /$dvbstream -c 1 -f 794000 -s 27500 -v 101 -a 103 -ps -i 
> <>
> /
> You told me that the payload format used for streaming in rtp is
> only good for TS, and I removed -ps but now VLC don't play the video, 
> it only shows a grey screen :S, with this line:
> /$dvbstream -c 1 -f 794000 -s 27500 -v 101 -a 103 -i 
> <>
> /
> Someone told me this "Remove the -ps as said, add -udp and don't 
> forget to sent PID 0 and the PMT PID (vlc will need them)" but I don't 
> understand this, how can I send PID 0 and PMT PID?
> Can you help me? I need any other flag?
> // Thanks

I understand it's not very easy to follow, so here's a short guide:

if first you save to disk the stream with

/dvbstream -c 1 -f 794000 -s 27500  -o 101  103 0 > stream.ts

(wait 10 seconds)

then run decode_pat stream.ts you will get a list of programs with a 
corresponding PMT pid.
Then run

decode_pmt stream.ts <program> <pmt_pid>

until you find the audio/video pids  you want to stream. At this point 
you have the PMT pid.
Assuming it's 100:

//dvbstream -c 1 -f 794000 -s 27500  -udp -net  0 100 101 

will stream the pids as you want.

decode_pat and decode_pmt are part of libdvbpsi



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