[linux-dvb] Possible patch for CAM/CI issues

irk irk at ieee.org
Mon Nov 7 19:57:36 CET 2005

From: "Georg Acher" <acher at in.tum.de>

> In short: There is so much badly designed crap in the CAM market. It is
> a wonder that at least some CAM/receiver combinations work...

I have to agree with your diagnosis as I am not expert on this. It is 
even more puzzling how they manage to get all those set-top boxes working
with all those CAM's. I have not got yet any CAM which would not be working
with more recent set-top boxes. I have one very old set-top which indeed has 
with some CAM's.

So how the set-top box people do they stuff? Do they get hints from 
and encryption systems owners how to deal with their quirks? Or are there 
still undisclosed
secrets in this business?


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