[linux-dvb] DVB data viewer

christophe christophe at data-tools.com
Tue Nov 8 17:34:36 CET 2005

I have to write DVB data acquisition software in order to validate a new
kind of satellite Ku antenna for my work, using a Skystar 2 PCI or USB card.

With help of the Linux DVB API V3 (i'm running Linux 2.6.13) i've already
written a little simple programm to configure my tuner (Frontend device)
and Demux. It seams to work : status: 0x1f  SNR: -10012  SStrength: -17471 .
So now i should be ready to write a little video viewer in order to view
incoming data and to validate my Frontend and Demux configuration routines.

I already took a look at the API chapter 4 , DVB Video Device, but i don't
really understand how to write my viewer... so what's the simpliest way to
make a little viewer ? should i use an existing viewer like Xine ? in this
case how should i do to make it run with my frontend/demux configuration
software ? is there a simple way to include it ? is there some
documentation about that ?  

(i use a "budget" card so i've no /dev/dvb/adapterN/VideoN and audioN devices)

Sorry for my poor english and thanks for your help.

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