[linux-dvb] Rationalising dvb-apps/lib[s] anyone?

Andrew de Quincey adq_dvb at lidskialf.net
Tue Nov 8 20:31:37 CET 2005

Hi, as I'm likely to start using these in the near future, I'd like to sort 
out the current situation. I would like to avoid a flamefest though 
please! ;)

Currently we have:

OK, so I'm the worst offender with two copies of libdvbcfg :)

I'd like to move dvb-apps/libs/libdvb2 and dvb-apps/libs/libsi2 into 
dvb-apps/lib. I would also like to rename libsi2 to "libucsi". Why "lib" 
instead of "libs"? Because I prefer "lib".

I'd like to _stress_ that we will keep all code; although there appear 
to be functional overlaps it is all useful in different circumstances. 

I will also create a wiki page describing the advantages of the libs, 
something like the following:

* libdvbcfg. Standalone library for dealing with various DVB configuration 
files in effort to have feature complete standardised file formats.

* libdvben50221. Standalone library for EN50221/CAM control.

* libdvbsi. Standalone library for DVB related SI parsing. This one is 
designed to provide an easy to use API. It parses SI structures into nice 
sane formats in memory, using malloc().

* libdvb2. This is designed as a C replacement for the Metzler bros' C++ 
"libdvb", since many projects do not wish to use C++. It is designed to be 
_great_ for simplifiying access to DVB devices, but may not be suited to all 
applications (e.g. for extreme embedded/custom stuff). This builds on the 
various other libraries.

* libsi2. Standalone library for SI parsing. I would like to rename this to 
libucsi (lib-micro-si). Calling it "libsi2" is a bit of a misnomer since its 
not really a sequel to anything - its just a different way of doing things. 
Specifically it is designed for embedded systems where malloc()/free() are 
bad. Its API is not as nice to use as libdvbsi, but it parses SI structures 
directly in memory with no malloc()/free(). It also covers more than just 
"dvb" including complete coverage of all mpeg,dvb, and sometime in the 
future, atsc tables/descriptors.

Opinions/suggestions please?

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