[linux-dvb] Rationalising dvb-apps/lib[s] anyone?

Philip Prindeville philipp_subx at redfish-solutions.com
Wed Nov 9 04:31:02 CET 2005

Andrew de Quincey wrote:

>>>I also think that simple Diseqc strings to manipulate a switch aren't
>>>sufficient... and
>>>that this isn't the place to put them.
>Come to think of it, what things can you think of that require more than the 
>simple strings?
>I can think of one from the doc you linked to: optimisation of the positioning 
>commands - e.g. if the dish is already pointing at 3 steps E, and needs to 
>move to 5 steps E, then it would better to issue a DRIVEE(2) command instead 
>of GOTO0, DRIVEE(5). I assume not everything supports the "goto angular 
>position" command.
>Yeek, calibrating these positioning systems must be horrendous! And I assume 
>we'd need to persist stuff like the E/W limits somewhere?

Most positioners have NVRAM for retaining settings, but since you can't
query a positioner for information, you have no way to get the settings
"back" and save them into a config file, where they can be pushed back
down into a new positioner should you have to replace it (and positioners
do die on occasion... especially the motors).


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