[linux-dvb] Looking for an overview of driver internals.

Josef Wolf jw at
Wed Nov 9 20:57:57 CET 2005


I'm trying to track down a problem I have when I playback via write
into the dvr device.  Unfortunately, I'm pretty much confused by all
the devices withhin the driver.  I tried to find some description or
overview, but could not find anything.  The only documentation I could
find is the API documentation, which is not really helpful for
understanding driver internals.

I started looking in dmxdev.c: dvb_dvr_write().  I can't find where
dmxdev->demux is set and where dmxdev->demux->write points to.

Maybe someone can give a brief overview how all those demuxers/devices
(struct dvb_device, struct dvb_demux, struct dmx_demux, struct dmxdev)
are connected together?

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