[linux-dvb] dvb-h demodulator commercially available and supported by linux driver?!

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Thu Nov 10 18:59:42 CET 2005


Andrea Venturi wrote:
>>The DiB7000 was at first just used for DVB-H and currently DiBcom is
>>also using this demod for DVB-T devices (because power consumption is
>>lower with this design and there is also the DiB7700 and DiB7710 which
>>is demod and USB/PCI bridge in one chip - devices are really small).
> so this kind of DVB-T card are not actually supported by the linux driver?

Yes. Afaik, the dib7000 is not register compatible with the dib3000, so 
there has to be another new demod-driver for that.

> anyway, are there DVB-T devices ALREADY on the market using DiB7000, in
> the enanced 4K version, or they are just the old 2k-8k only version?

Just for reference designs for OEMs I think. DVB-T won't use 4k FFT. As 
far as I can see from now, as soon as the first dib7000-device will hit 
the market, a linux-driver for that will be ready... - Problem then will 
be if the silicon-tuner-manufacturer wants to reveal information about 
that (see current problem with Microtune and their MT2060).

> do you have a dump of a complete TS of such a "DVB-H like" transmission?

No, sorry.

>>The main differences/additions (from memory):
>>- every data transmitted with DVB-H is encapsulated in IPv6 MPE sections
>>- a sophisticated RS FEC is used for error correction of the MPE-sections
>>- 4k-mode
> yes, i read somewhere, and there's the sychronization stuff etc.., but i
> was oversimplyfing just to give an idea

Yeah, right, I forgot the time-slicing, which is used to save battery on 
devices. time-slicing was used for the test-signal in Berlin - so every 
2 seconds I saw bursts of data coming in on different PIDs.


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