[linux-dvb] dvb-h demodulator commercially available and supportedby linux driver?!

irk irk at ieee.org
Thu Nov 10 19:08:53 CET 2005

> As far as I know, the DVB-H trials in the air are always using 8k or 2k.

That is because they use standard DVB-T transmitters.

> I don't remember why (I just forgot it) but someone told me that there
> is no real need to use 4k.

But I have true DVB-H test transmitter at hand and can tell you that what 
most is carrier modulation. There is big impact between sending in QPSK
or something else and little between the 8k or 2k. So practically we are 
DVB-T front-end for testing and that is enough.

Another problem is the payload. Most of practical trials were done using
Nokia terminals. These terminals do not support H.264, just Real player
is used. Besides this, service discovery is not standardized yet so the 
use proprietary air interface which has been only recently published by 

Now we have to get Envivio H.264 encoder running with the test transmitter
but there are compatibility problems with our playout system. Envivio 
H.264 stream which should be DVB-H compatible. When running the output
over LAN we can play it using  the VLC player. So now we have to put it on 
and see how it can be received. 

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