[linux-dvb] Any news on Hauppauge Nova-S-Plus support?

Steve Toth stoth at hauppauge.com
Fri Nov 11 17:32:53 CET 2005

>> I also backported the stuff to 2.4 if anyone is interested, with a 
>> standalone PCI bridge module. We had an internal project request for that.
>> Once we have a green light I'll port a URL for the source and datasheets 
>> here.
> Has there been any progess with releasing drivers for these cards? The older 
> SAA7146 cards are now at end of life and there don't appear to be any more 
> available. We have just received a bunch of the new cards and without the 
> drivers we are a bit stuck!

We have the first cut of the public datasheet but it needs some slight 
rework. I've also been cleaning up some 2.4 tuning issues for a specific 
project I'm working on. Those will need to be merged back into the 2.6 

I'm strong arming the company because I'm not going to release a binary 
driver. (We could of done this 6 months ago ahead of the launch).

... So much for release early release often. This never works when you 
have to get the legal people involved. Damn lawyers! :)

If I get the email I expect today, it will be released this weekend. 
Else, mid next week.


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