[linux-dvb] DViCO Fusion Lite Symbol Rate

Mac Michaels wmichaels1 at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 11 17:37:07 CET 2005

I looked at the driver for the HD3000:


This HD3000 driver fails to set either symbol_rate_min or 
symbol_rate_max in struct dvb_frontend_ops. This is why 
there is no warning for a symbol rate of 0.

Most of the other DVB drivers set symbol rate limits.
Is this a bug in the driver for not setting symbol rate 

There may be a bug in the application that reports a symbol 
rate error. I am not sure how the rate is calculated. It 
will go to zero when no signal is being received. It may 
take some time for the application to compute the symbol 
rate after tuning is finished.

-- Mac

On Friday 04 November 2005 08:09 pm, Jim Carlson wrote:
> I've installed a Fusion Lite ATSC card in a Mythtv box
> using the CVS V4L and DVB_Kernel sources, and all works
> well (Thanks for the work on this!). I'm getting an error
> (warning, I guess it is) whenever a recording starts
> about Symbol Rate setting.
> The log shows this:
> 2005-11-03 18:59:31.839 Started recording "Everybody
> Hates Chris" on channel: 1291 on cardid: 1, sourceid 1
> 2005-11-03 18:59:31.846 DVB#0 Using DVB card 0, with
> frontend LG Electronics LGDT3303 VSB/QAM Frontend.
> 2005-11-03 18:59:31.858 DVB#0 WARNING - Symbol Rate
> setting (0) is out of range (min/max:5056941/10762000)
> 2005-11-03 18:59:31.920 Changing from None to
> RecordingOnly
> Is it looking for a stream before locking onto the
> channel or something? The show does record fine, so it
> seems more like a nuisance warning than anything. This
> warning doesn't show up with a HD3000 card.
> Jim-------------
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