[linux-dvb] Budget-ci and 2.6.14 kernel problem

Tomáš Chaloupka chalucha at quick.cz
Sat Nov 12 21:51:22 CET 2005

Hello all, I just updated to 2.6.14 kernel, and have a problem to load
my dvb-t modules up.

When I try to modprobe budget-ci I got this answer:

FATAL: Error inserting budget_ci
Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)

in dmesg there are these lines:
budget_ci: Unknown symbol stv0297_enable_plli2c
budget_ci: Unknown symbol stv0297_attach

Is this solvable by me(user) or it's some kind of a bug?

I'm using gentoo AMD64 linux and I didn't have problems with it on
2.6.13 kernel.

Thanks for any help


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