[linux-dvb] Siemens DVB-C and CAM

Peter Martens petermartens at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 13:53:34 CET 2005

I am new to this list so maybe need some steering.
I am trying to setup my siemens dvb-c card with a CI and an Alphacrypt
CAM. Without CAM my card is working alright. When I try to use my card
to view encrypted channels in MythTV, nothing happens. I can tune to a
channel but I am not able to view the content.
I am trying to find out what is wrong... A few questions.
1. It is possible to use the siemens card with an Alphacrypt CAM, isn't it?
2. How can I find out if the card recognises the CAM?
3. How can I find out which firmware the CAM uses?

Many thanks in advance,


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