[linux-dvb] Install WinTV Nova-S-Plus

Michael Krufky mkrufky at m1k.net
Mon Nov 14 14:07:29 CET 2005

Giuliano Montecarlo wrote:

>I tried to install the WinTV-Nova-S without any result.
>What I did:
>Patched kernel with the Patch from the Mailinglist
No!  Dont patch the kernel, instead, patch dvb-kernel cvs with the patch 
on the mailinglist, plus the following, below.

>modprobe dvb-core
>modprobe cx24123
>kobject cx24123: registering. parent: <NULL>, set: module
>fill_kobj_path: path = '/module/cx24123'
>kobject_hotplug: /sbin/udevsend module seq=1145 HOME=/
>PATH=/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin ACTION=add DEVPATH=/module/cx24123
>I had no devices in /dev, so I created them
>cd /dev
>mkdir dvb
>cd dvb
>mkdir adapter0
>cd adapter0
>mknod frontend0 c 212 3
>mknod demux0 c 212 4
>mknod dvr0 c 212 5
>mknod ca0 c 212 6
>dvbdate i.e. results in:
>fd_date DEVICE: : No such device
>dvbdate: Unable to get time from multiplex.
>So, what did I wrong?
You have to apply the dvb patch, then the attached v4l patch against 
v4l-kernel cvs, then use the instructions for merge-trees cvs build, 
located at:


Once the cx24123 gets officially added into dvb-kernel cvs, I will apply 
the attached patch to v4l-kernel cvs, and all you'll have to do is do 
the merged-cvs build and you'll be set.

Steve Toth wrote:

> The patches for v4l are already in place so with and the 
> latest CVS for V4l and DVB, you're ready to go.

Steve was a bit premature in saying this.  If you want to wait till 
after the code gets officially merged into cvs, things will be easier.

-Michael Krufky

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