[linux-dvb] dvbstream & vlc

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Mon Nov 14 20:17:23 CET 2005

toni martinez wrote:

> Hello,
> I wanna send multicast streaming with dvbstream to my LAN and see it 
> in various pc with vlc. What expression I should use?
> I'm having problems with the terms of the dvbstream's expression
> Than ks

dvbstream -net IP:PORT -f <FREQ> 0 pidV pidA pidPMT

and remember to add
-bw <BANDWIDTH> for dvb-t
-s for dvb-s and dvb-c
-p V|H and -D 0..4 for dvb-s

then, on another terminal, vlc rtp://@IP:PORT/

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