[linux-dvb] mobile phone kills satellite

Simon Robert simon.robert at oldhouse-cottage.co.uk
Wed Nov 16 05:14:40 CET 2005

Hi there
this is somewhat periphial to the list, so apologies. I was viewing 
satellite TV, skystar2 and kaffeine, with my PC under the desk and my 
mobile phone on top of the desk. I recieved a text message which created 
the interference noise you hear when the mobile is close to a radio and 
polls its network, "mumble mumble bleep" type sound, or whatever it is 
that it's doing. Then the picture froze and the sound cut out on 
kaffeine. Closing and re-starting didn't do anything and there didn't 
seem to be any processes to kill. Kaffeine seemed OK, I could change 
channels and so on, but no sound and vision.

I rebooted the PC and everything was OK again. Does anyone know why this 
happened? Could it be "dangerous", like damaging the skystar card or 
other components? It'd be interesting to now.


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