[linux-dvb] Which currently manufactured DVB-T cards does Linux support?

Sid Boyce sboyce at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Nov 17 18:25:16 CET 2005

Barry Scott wrote:
> Soyeb Aswat wrote:
>> Hi Barry,
>> Both the Avermedia 771 and KWorld card have an MT352 front-end which
>> seems to have been good for you.  Based on that I would recommend that
>> you buy an Avermedia 777 (if you can get one, please let me know where
> I have the AverMedia Hybrid+FM that is the same as the 777 but with RF TV
> and FM radio added. But its not supported yet, and yes I'd like to use it.
>> from cos I can't find them in Europe, and the Aussies seem unwilling to
>> send them here) which also uses an MT352.
> We get AverMedia from a distributor. Try looking for the Hybrid instead 
> of the 777
> and you will find companies that sell in the U.K. a quick google finds 
> www.misco.co.uk
> for example.
>> I would steer clear of the Nova-T 90002.  I have one aswell as a KWorld
>> card and the Nova-T won't tune to many of the channels.
> Thanks for the tip.
> Barry

I've had a Nova-T 9002 running since January without problems once 
kernel patches were installed and since about 2.6.11 vanilla on Mandrake 
10.1, it's not needed any patches. Currently running vanilla 
2.6.15-rc1-git2 on Mandriva 2006. The only issue is with the remote.
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