[linux-dvb] Recommendations for a good sensitive DVB-T card

Robin Marlow robin at indigoelephant.co.uk
Thu Nov 17 22:50:04 CET 2005

Hello all,

	I have come to the end of my tether with my nebula card.  it keeps 
forever filling the logs with:

bt878(0): irq FDSR risc_pc=1f6f0210

Eventually it caused a kernal oops yesterday - lost its irq & so didn't 
record anything else until i discovered it today.

So what can i replace it with?

My Nebula is a nice card, works well - but seems to place undue stress 
on the PCI bus & if i understand avermedia cards are near identical

I've been looking at the nova-t,  support seems good even with the 
newest versions.

My only concern is that i live in a fringe reception area, and need a 
card that has the same receptionas the nebula. Does anyone know if some 
versions are more sensitive than others?  or are all dvb cards the same 
really in which case i should just buy a Leadtek dtv1000t.

if it makes any differnence, this is for a myth box running gentoo 
2.6.13 linuxtv cvs with a hauppauge 350 analogue card.

Many thanks,

Robin Marlow

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