[linux-dvb] looking for a good ad-removal utility

tony tony at tgds.net
Fri Nov 18 12:47:55 CET 2005

Le vendredi 18 novembre 2005 à 11:21 +0100, Louis-David Mitterrand a
écrit :

> ${NON_FREE_LANGUAGE} alternative out there, but supporting them does
> less for the grater good of free software advancement.

Java != ${NON_FREE_LANGUAGE} look in /usr/share/java only gcj stuff in
there on my machine! It is all free as far as I can read.

> After all this list is called "linux"-dvb, no?

That is what I use to watch TV every day. Except if somebody wants to
watch something else - then I enjoy being able to stream to either the
XP powered laptop from her work or the Mac upstairs. Both of them have
VLC installed because Quicktime is mpeg stream disabled by Apple ($19.95
option) and XP media player, well what can one say about such cr at p...

Don't target the wrong enemy! Java is a very good cross platform
language and there are lots of open source apps programmed in it.

Tony Grant
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