[linux-dvb] Re: tuning failed on AverTV DVB-T USB2.0

Pere Planiol pere at planiol.net
Sat Nov 19 16:59:52 CET 2005

Thank you.

I tested the signal with a DVB zapper Metronic and a TV and it has no problem.
I can see some channels with a signal strength of 100%, and some other channels with 60%.

So, I think I have a wrong frequency settings. Does anyone knows how can I get the good one ?


A les 21:38 del 17/11/2005, en Göran Källqvist ha dit que:
> Hi!
> I'm using the AverTV DVB-T USB2.0 since 2-3 months, and it works fine. I get 
> these "tuning failed" messages when the signal isn't strong enough. Are you 
> sure that your digital signal is good enough? The fact that the analog card 
> works OK says nothing about the digital transmission.
> I've also seen these error messages when I had the wrong frequency settings.
> Good luck with your continued efforts!
> Göran, Sweden

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