[linux-dvb] RE: How to convert DVB video to DVD?

Christophe Thommeret hftom at free.fr
Sun Nov 20 23:21:11 CET 2005

Le Dimanche 20 Novembre 2005 23:15, raid517 a écrit :

> Hi I tried projectX - but I admit I am a bit confused by it. I
> downloaded a .zip file and extracted it to a seperate folder. This
> contained the following files and folders:
> Copying       ReadMe.txt                  ReleaseNotes_0.90.2.txt  lib
> ProjectX.jar  ReleaseNotes_0.90.2.00.txt  htmls

So you got a binary (.jar) 

> So what now? How do I start it?

java -jar ProjectX.jar

> I normally don't have a problem compiling software or anything like that
> - and I regularly build my own .debs with checkinstall and debian rules
> binary and so on but I have simply never encountered software in this
> format before.
> It mentions something in the readme about opening a batch file to edit
> the path to the the Java SDK, but as you can see from the output of ls
> above, there is nosuch .bat file.

> Has anyone perhaps got a debian source for this software that will allow
> me to install it via apt-get?

Christophe Thommeret

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