[linux-dvb] cx24123 receives wrong tone [heur][sls]

Steve Toth stoth at hauppauge.com
Mon Nov 21 04:22:32 CET 2005

> No, I don't have a previous build anymore. I've recompiled 
> kernel+dvb+v4l, with the hope that it helps, but still still the "CASE 
> reached default with tone=2".
> # ./dvbtune -f 12551500 -p v -s 22000000
> Using DVB card "Conexant CX24123/CX24109"
> tuning DVB-S to L-Band:0, Pol:V Srate=525163520, 22kHz=off
> ERROR setting tone
> : Operation not supported
> polling....
> Getting frontend event
> polling....
> (...)
> polling....

Just a minor detail. The symbol rate being reported by dvbtune looks 
wrong, it says 525163520. I think dvbtune takes its input measured in 
Ksps, try 22000. Not sure if this will break anything (or fix anything 
for that matter).

I'm using v 0.5 of dvbtune here on 2.6, and in the office on 2.4 and the 
driver is behaving as expected.

Can you rebuild with the old config to rule out a tool/app problem? I 
was running tuning tests from 11800 all the way to 127xx using test 
modulators and live streams in the office without a problem. Maybe 
something else for you broke recently?

I know for certain DiSEqC is not supported. I have not done that yet.


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