[linux-dvb] cx24123 receives wrong tone [heur][sls]

Edgar Toernig froese at gmx.de
Mon Nov 21 05:21:44 CET 2005

Giuliano A. Montecarlo wrote:
> I found out that dvbdate does something REAL bad, maybe that's kind of 
> related to my problem. I will try disabling SMP and preemt, maybe that 
> helps:
> Nov 21 04:31:27 Novoli Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 0000000000000008 RIP:
> Nov 21 04:31:27 Novoli <ffffffff884b5198>{:video_buf_dvb:videobuf_dvb_start_feed+40}
> Nov 21 04:31:27 Novoli Modules linked in: [...] nvidia

Any chance that you're using kernel 2.6.14?  There were some changes
in the VM (VM_RESERVED) that causes problems in videobuf and nvidia.
2.6.13 doesn't have that problem.

Ciao, ET.

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