[linux-dvb] Which currently manufactured DVB-T cards does Linux support?

Barry Scott barry.scott at onelan.co.uk
Mon Nov 21 14:54:18 CET 2005

Andrew de Quincey wrote:

>Er, I can confirm that other (TT and KNC1 designed) tda10045 and tda10046 
>cards work perfectly all over the UK. I don't see why the +/- 0.167Mhz is a  
>problem - you simply set the tuner to the frequency (including the +/- 
>0.167Mhz) as published. 
The problem is that I'm shipping code that must autotune anywhere in the 
I will not know the +/0/- 0.167MHz to use at any particular site, indeed 
I will
not know which transponders are in use.

If the cards cannot handle this +/0/- 0.167MHz range the I'll have to 
tune each
transponder 3 times at each offset.


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