[linux-dvb] Which currently manufactured DVB-T cards does Linuxsupport?

Pete Martin petemartin at ntlworld.com
Mon Nov 21 15:05:26 CET 2005

>> >Er, I can confirm that other (TT and KNC1 designed) tda10045 and 
>> >tda10046
>> >cards work perfectly all over the UK. I don't see why the +/- 0.167Mhz 
>> >is
>> > a problem - you simply set the tuner to the frequency (including the 
>> > +/-
>> > 0.167Mhz) as published.
>> The problem is that I'm shipping code that must autotune anywhere in the
>> U.K.
>> I will not know the +/0/- 0.167MHz to use at any particular site, indeed
>> I will
>> not know which transponders are in use.
>> If the cards cannot handle this +/0/- 0.167MHz range the I'll have to
>> tune each
>> transponder 3 times at each offset.
> Yup thats the only way really. I'd suggest using the NIT once you've found
> one, but I've found that is wrong on some transmitters :(
I might also add that it has been known to change without warning as well, 
Rowridge Mux B changed to a + offset without warning earlier this year.


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