[linux-dvb] section parsing for budget cards vs section parsing with hw_sections==0

Jeremy Hall jhall at maoz.com
Tue Nov 22 04:44:43 CET 2005


Can somebody please tell me the code path for the dvb-s rev2.3 processing 
sections with hw_sections set to 0 and the path used by the flexcop 
skystar2 (stv0299 version) budget card?

I am seeing some certain channels when I try to get the pmt entries for 
them I either get CRC errors, or, I get a corrupt section from the nexus, 
and from the budget version I get correct entries. (this is why I suspect 
the dvb/s implementation) I haven't turned on hw_sections==1


I just turned on hw_sections==1 and the packet was parsed correctly; so it 
seems the problem is when hw_sections is set to 0


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