[linux-dvb] Nova-S-Plus

Mike Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Tue Nov 22 16:12:08 CET 2005

Markus Pfaff wrote:

> hello,
> I'm a beginner in Linux. I use the Linux "Kanotix" with the 2.6.13 
> Kernel.
> What I have to do, to patch my system, that I can use the tv-card 
> Nova-S-Plus?
> I dont know, if I have all the source-file I need.
> If there anyone, how can explain me this, step-by-step ?
> Or exists any Linux-Version with the "nova-s-plus" capability?
> regards
> Markus 

The Nova-S-Plus drivers are currently only available through the merged 
v4l + dvb cvs trees, wiki-howto located at:


(follow the instructions for the tree-merge)

Unfortunately, this will NOT work on a live-cd distro like Knoppix or 
Kanotix, although, if you installed Kanotix onto your hard drive, then 
you can follow the above instructions, and it's probably safe to start 
at step 3.

It has been an item on my to-do list to keep a knoppix image available 
with the latest dvb + v4l drivers in a custom kernel, but I haven't had 
any time for a Knoppix remaster session lately.  (don;t worry - I will 
do it soon -- I need it for my own box)

The latest remastered knoppix image that I made (months ago) includes 
linux kernel 2.6.12 + v4l/dvb code needed for the FusionHDTV5 Gold 
card.  Since this is already included in linux 2.6.14, it doesn't pay 
for me to share this remastered knoppix image, as Knoppix probably has a 
new release on it's way.

Michael Krufky

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