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OK from that I got Caldbeck. So that looks like a likely candidate. This is  an even longer shot I guess.... but does anyone have a fully working channels.conf file for that particular transmitter? I haven't ever really had to do any of that stuff before - as I just use kaffiene which has a very easy to use built in scanner - but I don't think Kaffiene covers that specific transmitter atm.

Some info about the transmitter - in case anyone finds it useful.



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> Thanks - that is very helpful. But does anyone know which specific one I

> should use?

You can look it up at Wolfbane[1]. Results are sorted by signal



[1] http://www.wolfbane.com/cgi-bin/tvd.exe?


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  Hi, this is a long shot I guess - but anyway I'm building a Linux PVR for my 9 year old niece. However she lives in a fairly remote area of Cumbria in the UK called Brough - in a small town called Kirkby Stephen.

  They can get digital TV there as they have a free standing DVB-T box and it works fine. But I have no clue what the transmitter for that specific area is?

  Can anyone offer any suggestions?

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