[linux-dvb] [RFC|PATCH] support DVB-S2 new inner fec modes

Oliver Endriss o.endriss at gmx.de
Tue Nov 22 21:19:53 CET 2005

Marcel Siegert wrote:
> hi,
> as dvb-s2 will come along shortly we should be prepared.
> this is a first patch within a series that will appear to support 
> dvb-s2 within the different apis.
> it just adds the new fec modes and the dvb-s2 rollflag enums.
> enumeration value from the fe_caps definition and adjusted all values.
> applications must be recompiled. this is imho fine.
> if we want to keep binary compatibility we can not ask the frontend if it is capable of the 
> new modes - thus support would be impossible then.
> information taken from dvbsnoop by rainer scherg (rasc) and axel katzur.
> if nobody will complain i will commit this patch tomorrow evening.

No way. You must not break binary compatibiliy.


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