[linux-dvb] DVB-S2 and other (new) modulation standards

Rainer.scherg Rainer.Scherg at t-online.de
Tue Nov 22 23:34:16 CET 2005

One enhancement, we discussed...

... Combi tuners should be implemented as separate frontends
(e.g. frontend0 / frontend1). So we can stick to known "struct"s
in the "union".  (... IMO)

Otherwise we have to poll status/modulation prior to an FE query.

Felix Domke schrieb:
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> Hi,
> in the tuxbox irc channel we were discussing how to tune to DVB-S2
> transponders, of course using all that not-yet-existing (at least not in
> numbers) hardware which we all wait for.
> The current dvb_frontend_parameters could be extended for the new
> standard. Each standard would define to use exactly one
> "dvb_xxx_parameters" in that union.
> This method would also catch the DVB-S/DVB-T-combi frontends which
> lately appeared here. One could set the STANDARD, and the frontend would
> change it's complete personality (probably including other FE_CAN_-caps,
> changing the frequency_min/max/..-limits etc.). A frontend could decide
> to stop supporting SEC commands when switched to DVB-T mode etc.

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