[linux-dvb] Re: IRQ issues with Nova-S CI when using CI Module

Andrew de Quincey adq_dvb at lidskialf.net
Wed Nov 23 17:44:01 CET 2005

On Wednesday 23 Nov 2005 16:21, Michael Ditum wrote:
> On 14/10/05, Andrew de Quincey <adq_dvb at lidskialf.net> wrote:
> > On Friday 14 Oct 2005 11:07, Michael Ditum wrote:
> > > I was wondering if there had been any change on this problem yet?
> > >
> > > Marco Coli is also having the problem and contacted me regarding my
> > > fix. You can see his thread at
> > > http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2005-October/005328.html
> >
> > Not yet, but I know how to fix it, and I've almost finished the stuff
> > thats been keeping me away from dvb things.
> Hi
> I was wondering if you had had a chance to look at this issue yet?
> I've been able to bypass it for a while as my (crude) patch removed
> the IRQ issues, however now we need support for the Nova-S+ as well as
> the Nova-S CI so I need to update to the latest cvs version.
> This is the output I am currently getting when trying to use a Nova-S
> CI to view an encrypted stream.

Hi - I fixed the CI issue in CVS a week or so ago.

However, the trace you have doesn't seem to be coming from the CI code - the 
only DVB related thing I can see in it is  dvb_dmxdev_ts_callback, and then 
loads of trace in the IP stack. Are you using this to receive an encapsulated 
IP stream? If so, it looks like you're hitting a bug with that...

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