[linux-dvb] Re: IRQ issues with Nova-S CI when using CI Module

Michael Ditum mike at mikeditum.co.uk
Wed Nov 23 18:25:26 CET 2005

On 23/11/05, Andrew de Quincey <adq_dvb at lidskialf.net> wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 Nov 2005 16:21, Michael Ditum wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I was wondering if you had had a chance to look at this issue yet?
> > I've been able to bypass it for a while as my (crude) patch removed
> > the IRQ issues, however now we need support for the Nova-S+ as well as
> > the Nova-S CI so I need to update to the latest cvs version.
> >
> > This is the output I am currently getting when trying to use a Nova-S
> > CI to view an encrypted stream.
> Hi - I fixed the CI issue in CVS a week or so ago.
> However, the trace you have doesn't seem to be coming from the CI code - the
> only DVB related thing I can see in it is  dvb_dmxdev_ts_callback, and then
> loads of trace in the IP stack. Are you using this to receive an encapsulated
> IP stream? If so, it looks like you're hitting a bug with that...

hmmm.... I just tried again with the CVS as of 12 O'clock yesterday (I
can't get the latest CVS to work, see other thread) and I'm getting
the same output...

There is more than one mention of dvb in the trace the one you said and...

Nov 23 16:56:19 bloodhound kernel: Debug: sleeping function called
from invalid context at include/linux/rwsem.h:43
Nov 23 16:56:19 bloodhound kernel: in_atomic():1, irqs_disabled():0
Nov 23 16:56:19 bloodhound kernel: [<c0121004>] __might_sleep+0xa4/0xc0
Nov 23 16:56:19 bloodhound kernel: [<e0979a3b>]
dvb_ca_en50221_read_data+0x22b/0x450 [dvb_core]
Nov 23 16:56:19 bloodhound kernel: [<c011f337>] __wake_up_common+0x37/0x70

which seems to be CA related... I'm trying to recieve an encrypted
satelitte stream using a Nova-S CI and stream it out using VLC.

I just tried detaching the CI and it will happy stream unencrypted
streams and attempt to stream encrypted (it doesn't because it's
encrypted) without any IRQ messages in /var/log/message

I installed the latest CVS using the instructions from the V4L Wiki
(http://www.linuxtv.org/v4lwiki/index.php/How_to_build_from_CVS) is
this the correct way of doing it?

Thanks again


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