[linux-dvb] RV: JUSTDVB - add descriptors

Isabel Romero isabel_romero_navarro at yahoo.es
Thu Nov 24 11:34:53 CET 2005


Yesterday at last, I achieved to include some descriptors in JUSTDVB. Only I
had to compile lib, ;). 

If you want to take the source code modified, I'll send it.


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Isabel Romero ha scritto:
> I've been using this program for 2 weeks, but I'm interesting in add
> other descritors for tables DVB, like tables SDT.


we are the people behind justdvb-it and are very happy that you are find
this project useful

> I added some descriptors in file Descriptors.py locate in directory DVB.
> Then I edit the file psi-config.py with my new descriptor, and its datas.

with regard to your problem, we know that in the SDT table there are
many more descriptors but we put in the code only the ones we need in
italy for our purposes.

anyway, we would be very happy to add your descriptors too, if it's not
too complex, so please post the modifications you made in the
psi-config.py file and we'll tell you if we can help you.


andrea venturi

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