SV: [linux-dvb] My Twinhan DVB-T CI won't tune

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at
Fri Nov 25 17:07:24 CET 2005

Anton Berggren wrote:

>Ok, i will try to download dvb-kernel from CVS and see if that works for me
>I will get in touch when I have tried. Using kernel 2.6.14.
>Should I leave the Multimedia options disabled in kernel when I compile the
>dvb-kernel? I think I didn’t do that when I tried last time.
No, you should enable it.

>when I compiled it tolds me that the drivers already exists.

You should do a makelinks /path/to/kernel/source
Then do a make in your kernel source directory, if all is well you can 
do a make install.

Good luck,


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