[linux-dvb] Cinergy HybridT USB XS

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Fri Nov 25 18:02:47 CET 2005


On Fri, 25 Nov 2005, oliver frommel wrote:
> is anyone working on a driver for the Terratec
> Cinergy hybridT USB XS? It is a small USB stick
> featuring analog as well as digital TV.
> I opened the device and it contains a Zarlink
> MT352 chip. I found some other devices with the
> MT352 in the DVB wiki but probably they follow
> a slightly  different design.

I can add some information:

Tuner: XCeive XC3028 silicon
USB/video bridge: EMPIA EM2880
Audio: EMP202
Video : TI 515

> If no one else is working on a driver I might
> take a look at it. Any hints appreciated.

First things could be to find out, if the programming of the components is
hidden inside a firmware or if the firmware just implements a i2c-bus.

If the components are programmed from inside the firmware, try to ask the 
firmware writer (probably Terratec or their reference design partner) how 
to control it. If the components are programmed using i2c-messages (most 
likely the case) the next thing could be to gather driver code for them.

There is code for the mt352.

I don't know if there is open source code for the other parts.

When you don't find anything about them, try to contact the vendor and see 
if the are willing to support you in writing an OpenSource driver for 
that. (don't forget the tuner, afaik the Xceive tuner needs a lot of data 
to be programmed).

For the empia-usb-bridge they started a driver in the video4linux-project, 
but I don't know the state in regards to DVB, but as there are some 
cinergy usb device already supported, maybe there is just some little glue 
to do.


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