[linux-dvb] problems with inserted cam

norbert linux-dvb at freakpixel.de
Sat Nov 26 17:37:41 CET 2005


I recently bought a CI and a CAM. When I insert the CAM into the CI the 
frontend looses its lock. After retuning to the channels the lock is back but 
now I there is no data at the dvr0 device.

What i exactly did:  CI without CAM

czap -r Arte 
status 1f | ....
after inserting the CAM
status 00 | ....
after pressing CTRL-C and 
czap -r EinsExtra
status 1f | ....

but now calling "mplayer - /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0" waits for data

My system is: Terratec/KNC1 DVB-C with KNC1 CI Module and Alphacrypt Light CAM
I tried the dvb drivers in Kernel and dvb drivers from CVS


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