[linux-dvb] Slow control data from dvb-usb (VP7045)

Jeremy Nysen jnysen-linux-dvb at triaptic.com.au
Mon Nov 28 03:20:26 CET 2005


The control data requests for dvb-usb devices (I'm testing with a VP7045 
device) is quite slow. Each request can take a few hundred milliseconds 
to complete and return data. This gets longer when multiple data bytes 
are requested from the frontend. eg. generating 3 requests for 3 
register bytes of AGC information for the MT352 in the device can take a 
whole second. If I perform 6 requests it takes twice as long.

This is not an inherent problem in the device, as these operations are 
fast under MS Windows.

Has anyone noticed this and/or is there an existing fix?


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