Broadcom 3510 was Re: [linux-dvb] Question regarding Air2PC r3 (Nxt2002 based)...answer may have implications for Nxt200x driver

CityK CityK at
Tue Nov 29 07:09:06 CET 2005

CityK wrote:
> Mike Krufky wrote:
>> This is the ATSC card (not the DVB-T one) right?  
> Yes
>> If so, from what I've heard, it only works with 8VSB -- NOT QAM 
>> signals.  Patrick told me that, and that is why I didnt buy it on 
>> ebay.  $49.95 buy-it-now!
> No, that was the r2 card, based on the Broadcom 3510.
> For more information regarding some confusion about the Air2PC see:
> Anyways, the r3 does demodulate QAM -- you can read about some user 
> experiences here:

In regards to the Broadcom 3510 based Air2PC r0.2 card still selling on 
ebay, it appears from the Broadcom product brief 
( ) that it should 
be able to handle demodulation of a QAM source.  Anyone know of any show 
stoppers that might prevent that from being realized? (Patrick?)

--Cheers, CK

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